Shinta S. Zenker - Enseignement de la calligraphie latine - Cours et stagesShinta S. Zenker

Latin Calligraphy

Drawing the letters of our alphabet invites us to a fresh view of them; forgetting reading for a moment, in order to better return to and focus on their simple geometric shapes.

To enter into the rhythm of writing and into a space of resonance, into the very architecture of the letters. To make them dance inside the word.

Calligraphy is an inscription in matter.

The image of words, of text and their representation lead towards the meaning that each wishes to give them and to share.

Everything is interpretation and a personal reading. Technique serves ideas and the imagination.
Quills, calames and brushes come to life. Strokes emerge, taking shape and colour on a space of paper which becomes the space of creativity.

Stage de calligraphie latine

Stage de calligraphie latine